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We employ over 40 local experts who all specialise in areas of data security Adelaide and IT solutions. We are surpassing all market driven innovations in the IT and data security Adelaide industry to provide a driving market, proactive approach to information storage. In the advanced world of cyber crime, it is absolutely imperative that organisations can place complete trust in their backup storage solutions – this is where LogicPlus comes in. LogicPlus has experienced exponential growth in the last 10 years due to our unique business model that is exclusive to Adelaide. Proudly South Australian owned and operated, we are dedicated to bringing world-class security solutions to the local Adelaide market. We strongly believe that keeping your data local is the key to guaranteed security; with our Data Security Adelaide Centre, we exercise this belief by bringing our customers outstanding service in the heart of the CBD.

Data Security

The Best Data Security Adelaide Has to Offer

We know we have the best data security Adelaide has to offer the local and domestic market, by giving clients full control over their locally stored data. LogicPlus continue to review, redevelop and update our current backup solutions to provide our clients with the most cost-effective, up-to-date and robust data security Adelaide solutions available. Our DataSafe software combines the best hybrid of software, hardware implementation, monitoring and support with two possible implementation options, including DataSafe local – an on-site backup solution; and Datasafe Cloud – an off-site backup solution. Through utilising our exclusive Pulse technology, backups of data are continuously monitored and assessed for discrepancies and automatically authorised at each stage of the backup process. Our team of experts are extensively trained to proactively remediate any current or potential data security breaches raised by Pulse, so you can rest easy knowing your data security can not possibly be compromised.

Why No Other Company Can Beat What We Offer in Data Security Adelaide

As a leader in the local data security Adelaide industry, LogicPlus are determined to cement our superior position by offering unsurpassed customer support and the most competitive market price. Our local account managers work to personalise each client’s experience, and are on hand to answer any queries that may arise within our extended office hours of 6:30pm – 11:00pm, seven days a week. Partnering with Dell subsidiary Secureworks, LogicPlus have implemented their Counter Threat Platform across our DataCentre and client WAN links, to act as an early warning threat detector derived from analytics and applied intelligence across the globe. This enables us to make informed decisions in real time about potential threats to our network and security breaches. Our state of the art data security system employs a managed services support model, that provides proactive monitoring of your key systems 24x7x365. Your business can reap the benefits of cloud computing without compromising your vital data securityAdelaide.

With LogicPlus, you can rest easy knowing your most important data is managed, stored and monitored locally. So give us a call today to find out more about the services we are proudly providing other businesses in your very industry – we guarantee their data is currently safer than yours!

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