Access your Server Desktop from anywhere. Remote Desktop Services/Terminal Services enable users to access Windows-based programs that are installed on a centralised windows server hosted within the LogicPlus DataCentre in Adelaide.

AppLive Desktop/Terminal Services lets you efficiently deploy and maintain software in an enterprise environment. You can easily deploy programs from a central location. Because you install the programs on the terminal server and not on the client computer, programs are easier to upgrade and to maintain.

When a user accesses a program on a terminal server, the program execution occurs on the server. Only keyboard, mouse, and display information are transmitted over the network. Each user sees only their individual session. The session is managed transparently by the server operating system and is independent of any other client session.

Remote Desktop Services/Terminal Services enables multiple users to log in to a single server where they can access and run applications and programs.

Remote Desktop Services runs on the Windows Server 2008 family of operating system.

Users can connect to their Desktop Session over the internet using the Remote Desktop Application installed on any Windows Computer, Thin Client or Apple Device.

Having users login into a central server to access programs simplifies many tasks since the applications are only installed once on the server rather than being installed on each user’s computer.

Server Patching/Software Upgrades/Centralised Anti-Virus

Hosting within the Logic Plus Datacentre increases reliability and uptime because it provides N+1 level redundancy across all hardware within a High Availability VMWare Virtualised environment.

Supported by Pulse Managed services and monitoring, you can be assured that your Hosted Remote Desktop/Terminal Server is available 24x7x365.

No need to replace expensive server hardware every 3 years, pay as you go, LogicPlus will add resources as and when you need them.

Combined with AppsLive Mail, this is our most popular product offering.

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