Efficient, Effective Image Based onsite backup solution and automated offsite backup solution. Automatically monitors and validates backups into the LogicPlus DataCentre in Adelaide.


In this ever-evolving world of Cyber Crime and Ransomware attacks, it is imperative that organisations can trust that their backup will not fail should the need to use it arise.

Logic Plus continues to review and develop its backup solutions to provide the most cost-effective, up-to-date robust backup solution available.

DataSafe is the latest offering from LogicPlus, combining the best of breed backup software, hardware implementation, monitoring and support with a flexible range of implementation options.

DataSafe has two options:

  • DataSafe Local, an on-premise backup solution
  • DataSafe Cloud, an off-site backup solution

DataSafe Cloud takes the responsibility and worry of ensuring that backups are completed and securely stored offsite. Using the latest Technology available, Continuous incremental backups taken during the day are validated and consolidated into a daily back-up within the LogicPlus Data Centre backup repository.

Data is secured and encrypted to meet HIPAA or Sarbanes Oxley requirements.

Utilising Pulse, backups are continuously monitored for errors and automatically validated at each stage of the backup and consolidation process. Trained Staff within Logic Plus quickly and efficiently remediate any incidents raised by Pulse.

Monthly test restores within a virtual sandbox of the complete image provides 100% confirmation of the quality of the final back-up images

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