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At LogicPlus we provide our clients with high quality IT, Managed and Remote Cloud Services. Our Remote Cloud Services are the best in the industry and ensure that our clients have security in their IT systems. We are 17 years South Australian owned and operated, producing a high reputation in our industry that has set the benchmark. We specialise in providing IT services and support to various industries including Medical/Healthcare, Financial, Legal, Mining, Automotive, Logistics and Manufacturing. We have introduced new products and services to our clients that have shaped the industry, with our own Remote Cloud Services and managed services support model. Today, businesses are starting to recognise the benefit of cloud computing. However, they want to maintain control of their data and be confident on where it is stored.  At logic we provide a pulse secure cloud system that ensures our clients are protected from any external, malicious ransomware or cyberattack.

Remote Cloud Services

How we operate our remote cloud services

Our Remote Cloud Services help provide a solution enabled by Dell Secureworks, allowing us to proactively defend you against network based cyber threats. We ensure that our Remote Cloud Services will always protect your business using a 4 stage process starting by Gathering threat data from billions of sources, Synthesis information, Analyse threats and Apply Intelligence. For professional organisations threat actors can steal or tarnish intellectual property, money, productivity and the reputation of your business. At LogicPlus we ensure you are safe and provide global threat analysis by international certified security experts of all Internet Data for potential threats to your business, whilst keeping all of your stored data local within the LogicPlus datacentre or via private links to your own site. With customer support and communication we will always update you and offer you solutions support that will always help your business in times of needs.

Why you need LogicPlus for remote cloud services

With clients in a diverse range of industries we are driven in delivering them the best IT managed and Remote Cloud Services. Our Remote Cloud Services is designed to ensure that all your information and online network is safe and prevents the possibility of any cyber threat to your business. With 10 years in our field, we have grown as a company in providing the best IT and web services from our staff members. Our Remote Cloud Services package is tailored to suit the budget needs of your business. Dell Secureworks, is the industry leading software that you need to keep your business secure and running. At LogicPlus we always ensure that we use have the right software and technology with customer support, which will always ensure that your business or website is running smoothly. Don’t take the risk, protect your IT assets today with our industry leading Remote Cloud Services.

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